The Seventh House

The Seventh House


Cakra and Lintang are two young people who have been best friends since childhood, and still single. They are movie freaks who work in the same video store, and have the same ambition that is to to build an art house movie theater.

What makes them different is their pursuit for Mr./ Miss Right, and the methods that fashioned each of their quests.  For Cakra, the guiding vision is the ideal feminine figure, seen only from the backside, which has been frequently haunting his dreams.  Books on dreams interpretations are Cakra’s bible in seeking the mysterious beauty.  While Lintang, her head totally enmeshed in astrological guidelines, clings to the conviction that her soul mate has to be a “Taurus in the Seventh House.”   She is more desperate than Cakra, for she is constantly reminded by a kindly old advice that warns her, if she did not get her other half by her 24th birthday, she is cursed to be a spinster for eternity! Pretty soon, Lintang is dating a tall, handsome guy, while Cakra starts to go out with a cutesy girl several years his junior

Festival & Awards

  • Festival Film Bandung 2003

       Awards: Best Score/Soundtrack

  • Pusan International Film Festival, 2003
  • Asiatica Film Mediale / Incontri Col ilcinema Asiatico


Dewi Rezer,
Indra Birowo


14 Februari 2003

Production Year



90 Menit


Rudi Soedjarwo