Run To The Beach

Run To The Beach


Sam and her mother Uci, is planning for a road trip along Java Island. G-Land, famous surfer’s paradise in Banyuwangi, East Java is their goal destination, where Sam would meet her surfer idol, Kailani Johnson.

Sam gets mixed feelings when her cousin Happy join the trip. They used to be close but are now drifting apart, and their personalities clash even further throughout the journey.

The curious situations, funny and extraordinary characters they meet along the road, expose them to different mindsets, luring them out of their comfort zones. But what does it take for Sam and Happy to finally embrace each other’s differences?

Festival & Awards

  • Festival Film Indonesia 2018

       Awards: Best Soundtrack

  • Balinale Film Festival 2018
  • Festival Film Tempo 2018
  • Piala Maya 2018
  • Cinemasia Film Festival 2018
  • Festival Sinema Australia Indonesia 2020


Maisha Kanna,
Lil’li Latisha,
Marsha Timothy


28 Juni 2018

Production Year



112 menit


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