Glorious Days

Glorious Days


VINA (Maizura), a transfer student from West Java, enters a high school in a capital city of Jakarta. She is mocked by the students on her first day because of her strong west Javanese accent and bullied by a male student. Luckily, four girls and a guy come to her rescue and help her adapt. They are KRIS (Sheryl Sheinafia) – known for her strong leadership, the adorable JESSICA (Agatha Pricilla), GINA (Zulfa Maharani) – the most spirited, beautiful SUCI (Lutesha) – the ice queen soon to be a cover girl and JOJO (Baskara Mahendra) – the only boy in the group. Vina quickly become part of the gang, and name their group; “Gang Bebas”. A tragic accident then forces them to go on their separate ways.

Twenty-three years later, one of them suffers a terminal illness and wishes to see her five best friends for one last time. Vina embarks on a journey to find her old friends and her high school memories come rushing back to her, makes her realize that their adult life has made them forget who they truly are. This warm reunion will awaken their spirit of life and love.

Festival & Awards

  • Festival Film Indonesia 2019
  • Hiroshima International Film Festival 2019
  • Piala Maya 2020

       Awards: Best Supporting Actor, Best Newcomer Actress, Memorable        Appearance


Maizura, Marsha Timothy,
Sheryl Sheinafia,
Susan Bachtiar,
Agatha Pricilla,
Indy Barends,
Baskara Mahendra,
Baim Wong,
Zulfa Maharani,
Widi Mulia,

Release Date

3 Oktober 2019

Production Year



119 menit


Riri Riza