What’s with Love?

What’s with Love?


Cinta, which is a word for love in Indonesian language, is also the name of a smart and confident 17 years old teenage girl. Her life has always seemed so secure, with a family who loves her, friends who will always be there for her, and the attention from the most favorite guy at school. But this security was threatened when she met Rangga, a cold and cynical guy, whose father’s political background is considered “dangerous” by the government.

The encounter created a new sensation in her, and without her consent it transformed her. As a consequence, she had to go through a journey of the heart, where she has to go outside the comfort and security of her old self to discover a completely different Cinta.

Festival & Awards

  • Film by The Sea, The Netherlands 2002
  • Indonesian Film Festival, Melbourne 2002
  • Hawaii International Film Festival 2002
  • Pusan International Film Festival 2002
  • Asia in Helsinki Festival 2003
  • Asian Film Festival Dallas 2003
  • The Asian American International Film Festival 2003 /  Special Feature Film
  • Tokyo International Film festival 2004 / Winds of Asia
  • Piala Citra Award (Indonesian Film Award) 2004

       Awards: Best Song for Melly & Anto Hoed, Best Director for Rudi Soedjarwo,         Best Actress for Dian Sastrowardoyo

  • Festival Film Bandung 2002

       Awards : Best Movie, Best Director, Best Editing, Best Scenario, Best        Photography, Best Music, Best Make Up


Dian Satrowardoyo,
Nicholas Saputra,
Titi Kamal,
Ladya Cheryl,
Sissy Prescilla,
Adinia Wirasti


Februari 2002

Production Year



112 Menit


Rudi Soedjarwo