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  1. Maestro Indonesia, produced for PEMBANGUNAN JAYA, 15 minutes, by Riri Riza, 2017
  2. The Magic of Kakaban Island, co-produced Yayasan KEHATI, 20 minutes, by Riri Riza, 2007
  3. 14 Acehnese Children Video Diaries, Co-produced with UNICEF INDONESIA, directed by Acehnese Children, 2006
  4. Bringing Gie to Live, produced for Behind The Scene of feature film Gie, 24 minutes, by Billy Christian, 2005
  5. The Year Of Living Vicariously, co-produced DogHouse73, 90 minutes, by Amir Muhammad, 2005
  6. Behind Eliana’s Journey, produced for Behind The Scene feature film Eliana-Eliana, 24 minutes, by Lasja Fauzia, 2002
  7. Royal Balinese Cremation, co-produced Yayasan Sekar Manggis, 48 minutes, by Srikaton, 2001
  8. The Calling of The Sea, co-produced Johns Hopkins University & Coremap LIPI, by Rafki Sati (Eps Jakarta), Agung Sentausa (Eps Riau), Yudhi Datau (Eps Lombok), Sofyan De Surza (Eps Pulau Komodo), Lasja Fauzia (Eps. Taka Bonerate), Wisnu Adi (Eps Biak), 2001
  9. Announcer for Oral Literature, 24 minutes, by Arswendi Nasution (Eps Sulawesi), Koko Kartiko (Eps Jawa, Bali, Kupang), Wisnu Adi (Eps Aceh, Sumatera & Kalimantan), 1999
  10. Wind Of Change, 24 minutes, by Mira Lesmana (Eps Mariman), Riri Riza (Eps Ibu Tuti), Srikaton (Eps Amir, Tino), 1998
  11. Two Life, co-produced Unilever, 4 minutes, by Nan T. Achnas, 1998
  12. The Breath of Merapi Stones, produced for RCTI Anniversary, 48 mins, by Riri Riza, 1996