Mira Lesmana

Film Producer

Mira Lesmana was born in Jakarta in 1964. She studied at the Jakarta Art Institute (1985 – 1988), majoring in Directing, but then chosen film producing as her main career. She worked for five years at Lintas Advertising and four years at Katena Films before she started Miles Productions in 1995. Her name is put to rise as she produced ANAK SERIBU PULAU (Children of a Thousand Islands), a very successful documentary series in 1996. But only after she collaborated with Riri Riza, Nan T, Achnas and Rizal Mantovani in making KULDESAK (Cul–de–Sak) in 1998, did she becomes known as a filmmaker.

In the midst of Indonesia’s film industry crisis, ‘Kuldesak’ gives its own mark, not only because of its success in Indonesia’s cinemas, but also because of the story of how it was made. The film took 3 years to finish and was made in guerilla style, where its crews and actors dedicated their work in kind. The spirit behind the filmmaking surprised everyone since there was a very pessimistic view towards the Indonesian film scene at that time.

Film critics has labeled her as ‘unpredictable’, producing films ranging from a big box office success to critically acclaimed films, from small budget feature to big epic production. She also embraces young and new talented directors. In 2000, she produced Riri Riza’s first full feature, a children’s film, PETUALANGAN SHERINA (Sherina’s Adventure), and in 2002, she produced Rudi Soedjarwo’s feature film debut ADA APA DENGAN CINTA? (What’s Up With Love?), with Riri Riza as co-producer. Both films were a national success with the highest box office number in decades, and put her on the top list of influential and aspiring producers in Indonesia. Not to mention GARASI (2006) by Agung Sentausa which she produced at the same time as she launched the film’s casts as GARASI, the music group, under MILES Music.

Mira Lesmana and Riri Riza has became partners and run MILES Films together. So far Mira has produced 5 more of Riri Riza’s feature film, the critically acclaimed ELIANA,ELIANA (2002), the controversial political film GIE (2005), a small project of children feature film UNTUK RENA (Dear Rena) (2005), the intriguing road trip film 3 HARI UNTUK SELAMANYA (3 Days To Forever) (2007), LASKAR PELANGI (The Rainbow Troops) (2008), a national box office which breaks the record as Indonesia’s most viewed film with more than 4.6 million theater audiences, and its sequel, SANG PEMIMPI (The Dreamers), which will be released December 2009.