Miles Films

MILES Films is a fully owned local production company, established in March 1995, now headed by Mira Lesmana and Riri Riza.

At the beginning, MILES Films specializes in producing documentary films and television films, as well as providing training ground for young talents by producing music videos and television commercials.

The company gained its reputation right away after successfully produced a 13 episodes docu-drama entitled ANAK SERIBU PULAU (Children of The Thousands Islands) in 1996. The docu-drama was broadcasted at 5 Indonesian private TV stations and was well received by the public and the critics.

Later in the year 1999, despite the lack of faith from the people in the Indonesian films, Miles began its venture in producing feature film. The film was entitled PETUALANGAN SHERINA (Sherina’s Adventure), a children musical directed by Riri Riza. Released in June 2000 and the film became a phenomenal success in Indonesia, reaching 1.6 million audiences, after 25 years of bad response from the audience to local films. The success of the film brings optimism to the growth of the local film industry, yet at the same time some are skeptic that it was only a one-time success.

In 2002, MILES Films again released a feature film entitled ADA APA DENGAN CINTA (What’s With Love?). The film was a debut for a lot of talents in the production, including its director, Rudi Soedjarwo. Sold over 2.5 million tickets in the box office, the film has been noted as the film that brought back Indonesian young audience back to the cinemas. What’s With Love? was released theatrically in Japan and Malaysia, and also released on television in Australia and France. The film brought Rudi Soedjarwo in winning the award of Best Director, and brought Dian Sastrowardoyo, the lead actress, the award of Best Actress in Indonesian Film Festival.

Later in 2002, Miles Films made a join production and released a digi feature entitled ELIANA,ELIANA , wich was directed by Riri Riza, with I Sinema. I Sinema is a film movement that both Mira and Riri initiated in 1999 with 10 other independent filmmakers. ‘Eliana, Eliana’ become a critically acclaimed work that received the Young Cinema Award and Netpac/Fipresci Jury Award in Singapore International Film Festival, a Special Mention at Dragons and Tigers Award in Vancouver International Film Festival, and Best Actress in Deauville International Film Festival, France.

It was three years later that Miles Films developed and produced a feature film based on the life of Soe Hok Gie, a young activist in a student movement in the 1960’s. This long awaited and most anticipated film was finally released in July 2005. GIE became the most talked about feature film that year, touching sensitive political issues that have never been explored in local cinemas. The film won the award of Best Picture in Indonesian Film Festival 2005, and Special Jury Prize at The Singapore Film Festival 2006.

It was also in 2005 that Miles Films launched GARASI, a film about friendship and music. The main actors in the film also form a music band in real life with the same title, Garasi, and just launched their second album in late 2008.

Riri Riza’s feature film 3 HARI UNTUK SELAMANYA (3 Days To Forever), invited various responds from the audience in 2007. The film was chosen as The Best Indonesian Film at the Jakarta International Film Festival 2007, while Riri Riza was awarded Best Director at the prestigious 35th Brussels International Film Festival 2008.

MILES Films ended the year 2008 with a big splash, producing LASKAR PELANGI (The Rainbow Troops), a film based on a mega hit bestseller novel written by Andrea Hirata. The film achieved more than 4.5 million viewers in less than four months, breaking national record as the most viewed film in theaters. The sequel, SANG PEMIMPI (The Dreamers), is to be released mid-December 2009.