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" Bermimpilah, Maka Tuhan Akan Memeluk Mimpi-mimpimu… "
— Sang Pemimpi (sekuel Laskar Pelangi)

Our Latest Films

This film follows Time Magazines “Hero of the Year” BUTET MANURUNG’s (Prisia Nasution) journey from anthropologist to educator to activist as she works with the indigenous Orang Rimba people who live upstream the Makekal river in the forest of Bukit Duabelas of Jambi, Sumatera, Indonesia. One day, Butet collapses in the middle of the forest, suffering from malaria. A tribal boy named NYUNGSANG BUNGO (Nyungsang Bungo), whom she doesn’t know, comes to her rescue. He belongs to another clan of Anak Dalam that lives downstream Makekal, which is about 7-hour walk through the forest from Read more...


22 October 2012 ‘Atambua 39° Celsius’ on WUJUDKAN.com


22 October 2012 ‘ATAMBUA 39 ⁰CELSIUS’, ‘SANG PEMIMPI’ / The Dreamer and ‘LASKAR PELANGI’ / The Rainbow Troops at the 25th Tokyo International Film Festival

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